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EP450™ Portable Radio

Motorola EP450


After 75 years of commitment. Motorola continues developing solid relations with its clients, based on experience, technology and quality.
A company recognized for its leadership, by offering innovative communication and information solutions, enabling companies to increase the performance of their operations while satisfying the business’ requirements.

The EP450 portable includes several features to enhance performance including: 16 channel, choice of frequency range, group capability within the same frequency, PL/DPL, internal VOX and multiple battery options.



16 Channels
Easily organize your teams into differ- ent talkgroups. An ideal tool for complex operations where communi- cation is key.

Dual Priority Scan
Monitor the priority channel and keep updated on critical information. Use this feature when you need to monitor one or two workgroups more often than the rest.

Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
With the use of an appropriate audio accessory, you can speak and listen to a radio conversation without having to use your hands. Don’t stop your tasks, save time and be more productive.

Selective Radio Inhibit
The EP450 radio includes a security feature that enables the base station to remotely deactivate a radio unit. This feature is especially useful to pre- vent lost or stolen radios from compromising the integrity of your system. As soon as the radio is turned on, the base station sends a signal that disables all controls except the On/Off button.

PTT-ID (encode)
Optimize your air time by quickly identifying a radio user at the start of the transmission.



• 16 Channels
• 2 Programmable Buttons
• CSQ / PL / DPL / inv-DPL
• Busy Channel Lockout
• Dedicated RX Channel
• X-PandTM
• Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
• Nuisance Channel Delete • Call Alert • Time-Out Timer • Repeater / Talkaround
• Dual Priority Scan
• MDC-1200 Signaling - PTT-ID (encode) - Radio Check (decode) - Selective Radio Inhibit (decode)
• Quik-Call II Signaling - Call Alert (decode) - Voice Selective Call (decode)
• DTMF Signaling - PTT-ID (encode)
• Internal Option Board Port


Motorola offers a wide range of origi- nal accessories to enhance your radio’s functionality for every communication need. Motorola Original Accessories are built with the highest Motorola quality standards ensuring effectiveness and durability.


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